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From bookkeeping to payroll, Raecounting Solutions provides personalized bookkeeping at half the cost.

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Perfect for startups and small businesses, ensures your financial essentials are in order.

• Up to 75 Transactions per Month
• Up to 1 account (Bank, Credit Card Accounts)
• Quarterly 30-min Bookkeeping Call
• 24/7 Bookkeeping Chat Support


PRICE PER MONTH *each additional account $10/month. >75 transactions altogether.



Tailored for the expansion phase, Blossom is the ideal choice for growing small businesses.

• Up to 150 Transactions per Month
• Up to 3 accounts (Bank, Credit Card, Accounts
• Monthly 30-min Bookkeeping Call
• 24/7 Bookkeeping Chat Support


PRICE PER MONTH each additional account $10/month. >150 transactions altogether.




Specifically designed for scaling companies. Scale seamlessly with your ever growing business. 

• Up to 250 Transactions per Month
• Up to 6 accounts (Bank, Credit Card, Accounts)
• Twice a month 30-min Bookkeeping Call
• 24/7 Bookkeeping Chat Support


PRICE PER MONTH *each additional account $10/month. >250 transactions altogether.



Made for larger enterprises, Garden accommodates the complex needs of your business enterprises.

• Unlimited transactions
• Starting at 7 accounts (Bank, Credit Card Accounts)
• Weekly 30-min Bookkeeping Call
• 24/7 Bookkeeping Chat Support



What’s Included

Bank Reconciliation




Additional Solutions:


Get your financials back on track and tax-ready with meticulous attention to detail.
Our team ensures you are caught up!

Deliverables within the clean up period: Bank Reconciliation, Profit and Loss Statement, Balance sheet




For creating, sending and monitoring invoices

Weekly A/R Reporting. Up to 100 Invoices to be create and monitored.

Deliverables: Invoice tracker, Weekly Income Report




For support paying your bills on time

Weekly A/P Reporting. Up to 100 Bills/Recurring Expenses to be track and monitored.

Deliverables: Bill/Expense tracker, Weekly Expense Report




For assisting and running payroll seamlessly

Payroll tracking, Up to 25 employees, Overseas employee salary using Wise, WorldRemit, PayPal, Payoneer, etc.

Deliverables: Payroll tracker



Why Raecounting Solutions?


We give the highest level of care to protect your personal and financial information. You can count on us at every stage of your journey.


We offer straightforward and inexpensive pricing for your business needs. Take full advantage of your investment with us!


A dedicated industry expert will work with you and become an integral part of your team without the cost of hiring an internal bookkeeper.

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Rae Angelica Palma

Founder, Raecounting Solutions

Outsource Your Bookkeeping!

We’ll Take Care of Your Finances


Your Security Is Our Priority

When it comes to small businesses outsourcing their bookkeeping, many face the same hesitation:

“How safe is it to give my financial information to someone I don’t really know?”

This is absolutely a valid concern, mainly because we are in an industry that is built on trust.

So our Raecounting team take utmost care with our clients’ personal and financial information.

We always make a priority that your sensitive and confidential information is securely protected with enterprise-grade security in every company we work with.


We Partner With The Best Apps

The advanced and updated technology makes our work faster, accurate, eliminates human error and reduces overall costs. Using sophisticated apps and systems like this can greatly improve the decision-making process.

Keeping Your Books Updated Is Important?

You can save money by monitoring and controlling your expenses.

It helps you budget accurately.

It lets you have a stress-free tax season.

You will have a better chance of getting a loan or taking on investors.

It will be easier for you to plan out your business goals and achieve them.

Why Outsource With Us?

No need to train and hire employees.

Highly-professional, dedicated team at a much lower cost.

No more costly finance mistakes.

24/7 customer service.

Easy, simple, efficient, and inexpensive solution to bookkeeping.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get started with your bookkeeping service?2024-04-08T05:58:29+00:00

Simply reach out to us through our website or contact our customer service team, and we’ll guide you through the onboarding process. 

Do you offer support if I have questions or issues with my bookkeeping?2024-04-08T05:57:48+00:00

Absolutely! Our customer support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have regarding your bookkeeping services.

Can I integrate your services with my existing accounting software?2024-04-08T05:56:45+00:00

Absolutely! We offer seamless integration with the most popular accounting software platforms, allowing for a smooth transition and compatibility with your existing systems. 

What software do you use for your bookkeeping services?2024-04-08T05:56:13+00:00

We utilize cutting-edge accounting software such as QuickBooks Online, Xero, and FreshBooks, etc. ensuring accuracy and efficiency in our services. 

What types of businesses do you typically work with?2024-04-08T05:55:24+00:00

We work with businesses of all sizes and across various industries, including startups, small businesses, freelancers, and medium-sized enterprises. 

How secure is the data we provide to your company?2024-04-08T05:54:50+00:00

We prioritize data security and use industry-standard encryption protocols to safeguard your information. Our systems undergo regular security audits to ensure compliance with the highest standards. 

What is Cloud Bookkeeping?2024-03-11T11:47:17+00:00

Cloud bookkeeping is a service that allows bookkeepers to manage your financial records and transactions online. It uses secure cloud-based software to store and process your financial data. 

What are the benefits of using our bookkeeping services?2024-03-11T11:50:07+00:00

Raecounting Solutions offers benefits such as 24/7 access to our bookkeeping team, improved collaboration, data security, and scalability for growing businesses.

How does Raecounting Solutions ensure the security of my financial information?2024-03-11T11:51:52+00:00

Our platform follows industry-leading security protocols, including encryption, regular security audits, and access controls, to safeguard your financial information. We have a reliable state-of-the-art security measure to ensure the safety of your financial data and we use encryption secure protocols to protect your information.

What types of businesses can benefit from our bookkeeping solutions?2024-03-11T11:54:19+00:00

Businesses of all sizes and industries can benefit from cloud bookkeeping solutions. Our service is designed to cater to the needs of small, medium, and large enterprises

We Love Our Clients & They Love Us Too!

April Edwards, CEO, Deck Builder Marketers
Lasheena Williams, CEO, Nonprofit Enthusiast
John Caprani, Founder And CEO, Caprani Publishing LTD
Aya Fernandez, Co-Founder, Likhang Maya Digital Solutions
Michael Dallas Peterson, CEO, Social Aim Solutions

Veewz was in disarray when I was trying to do the bookkeeping myself while trying to do so many other things. But once we signed up with Raecounting Solutions our business is more efficient and I can focus on other things.


Shan Serran, CEO & Founder, Veewz
Rae and her team do an amazing job!! I highly recommend Rae Angelica Daguio Palma to any marketing agency or small business that needs help getting your books in order. She uncovered $30k in past due billing. Yes… I know that sounds insane to think clients owned my company that much money and I didn’t know about it. When you’re trying to run a growing company and you try to do everything yourself it’s easy to get yourself in that situation. My team and I provide amazing marketing services to our clients but I hated working on the account numbers. Raecounting Solutions has been a blessing and I highly recommend them!
Dennis Deevy, Founder and CEO, New Jersey Multimedia
Rae helped me overcome my accounting nightmares that had been shadowing over me for years. Now thanks to Rae, I have complete financial clarity of how my accounts look and can allocate budgets more efficiently. If you’re looking for somebody who can turn a nightmare into a day dream then look no further! Highly recommended A+.
Sean McMeen, Founder, Vinnie Mac
The experience with Recounting Solutions was nothing short of amazing. Rae and her team align perfectly with our core values and we could not have improved our business without the valuable insight into the health of our business.
Aaron James, Founder and CEO, Small Business Deacon LLC
Been working with Rae for a while now and it’s such a great experience no accounting hassles at all everything quick and to the point. Rae is a very skilled individual that can quickly adapt to different taxation laws all across the world and quickly deliver a well-organized tax report if you are looking for somebody that is able to quickly adapt and deliver what is asked for Rae is your number one choice.
Robert Charles, Founder and Owner, Robert Charles
Rae did an amazing job helping me start my accounting and finances for my new business. She had all of the docs ready that she needed and it was an easy process to get started and legal with her. Thanks so much!
David Fontaine, Founder, Diamond Democracy
Rae did a wonderful job with our book using QuickBooks. I give her a mess and she did a clean and compressive job with it. She is easy to work with and knowledgeable as well. 100% recommend her for your tax job.
Nolan Felarca, Founder and CEO, Skywolf Enterprises LLC & Mint Products LLC
I became a client of Rae because of her drive and detail to her work, and I couldn’t be happier. Three words to describe her: responsible, passionate, and diligent. I had a time sensitive project and she was able to meet my ultra high demands on short notice. She knows what she is doing, has great communication, and has been trustworthy throughout the process. We worked together to straighten out my books on QuickBooks and I look forward to continue working with her.
Ruben Clarke, Founder and Owner, Alexander Ruben Ltd.

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